Trudy Album (Info)  Trudy Album (Speaking)

On March 29, students at our Rockland BOCES River View High School in Nyack observed “Triumph and Tragedy in History” with a first-hand account of the Holocaust from survivor, Trudy Album.

Trudy and her family were displaced from their home and sent to live in one of the thousands of ghettos constructed by the Nazis before being moved to a concentration camp, where she lost both her mother and sisters. She was forced to work in the camp until she was liberated by the American Army.

Trudy is as remarkable as her story. Although she faced unthinkable circumstances, she overcame her oppressors and made a life for herself in the United States. Now 89 years old and living in Suffern, she continues to speak her truth for those who were forever silenced from doing so nearly 100 years ago.

Our students at River View were truly moved by Trudy’s story of survival. They walked away from the presentation with a renewed sense of compassion for and acceptance towards one another.