Rockland BOCES recognizes Rudline (Rudi) Desir as our November 2019 Jesse J. Kaplan School MOVER of the Month! Since first joining the Kaplan family at the age of five, Rudi has made tremendous strides, both cognitively and physically. Using her walker or the help of a staff member, Rudi successfully navigates her classroom and the busy Kaplan hallways, moving effortlessly to and from specials like music and physical education. (Dance is her favorite!) She even sits and stands with minimal assistance. We at Rockland BOCES are so proud of Rudi’s progress and are humbled to be a part of her MOVE journey!

Kaplan’s MOVE™ (Mobility Opportunities via Education) program combines therapy and education to teach children with physical disabilities and complex needs the functional skills of sitting, standing and walking. MOVE aims to give children an opportunity to lead more independent and more fulfilling lives. For some, this might be learning to hold their own cup; for others it might be learning to walk independently to explore their environment. In September 2019, the Jesse J. Kaplan School was designated a “MOVE Model Site” by MOVE International. This national honor recognizes the Kaplan MOVE Team for its exceptional implementation of the MOVE program and its high goals for students of all abilities.

Contact Rockland BOCES’ Jesse J. Kaplan School at (845) 627-4797 to learn how MOVE can help someone in your life. Every child deserves the chance to MOVE!​