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Shared Services

Executive Leadership


Mary Jean Marsico, Ed.D.
Chief Operating Officer
(845) 627-4721

Charlene Jordan, Ed.D.
District Superintendent
(845) 627-4832

Rockland BOCES Chief Operating Officer Mary Jean Marsico, Ed.D. oversees daily
operations of Rockland BOCES and the administration of the programs and services
provided at the request of component districts. Her nearly three decades of school
leadership experience and deep relationships with elected officials, business leaders and
the local community plays a pivotal role in the growth and success of Rockland BOCES
and the students we serve.

As the Rockland BOCES District Superintendent, Charlene Jordan, Ed.D. serves as
the New York State Education Commissioner’s representative to the local districts of
Rockland County. As such, the BOCES Superintendent is the liaison between the local
districts and the State Education Department. Responsibilities include facilitating
communication between SED and the districts, and assisting in the implementation
of New York State education law and the regulations of the Board of Regents and the
Commissioner of Education.

Sharing daily administrative responsibilities and the management of key agency initiatives
in close collaboration allows Dr. Marsico and Dr. Jordan to provide exceptional regional
leadership and outstanding services to the greater Rockland County community.

Duties of the Executive Leadership also include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Upon request of a local component district Board of Education, the Executive Leadership may
    act as consultants in the selection of a Superintendent of Schools, including the recruitment,
    screening and evaluation of candidates.
  • In collaboration with SED, the BOCES Executive Leadership is also available to consult with local
    school districts on a variety of education issues such as:

    • Facilitating communication between and among districts, local agencies and the State Education Department
    • Providing leadership as a regional representative of the Commissioner;
    • Supporting the interpretation, clarification and implementation of new state regulations;
    • Assisting in understanding the requirements of management and planning of building projects;
    • Providing assistance to non-public schools;
    • Investigating boundary disputes between districts;
    • Approving BOCES service contracts and cross contracts;
    • Assisting in the development of education policy in collaboration with area legislators on behalf of public education.

    Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services /Curriculum & Instruction Coordination


    Darlene Westingouse, Ed.D.
    Director of Instructional Services & Professional Development
    (845) 627-4757

    The Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services is available to fulfill specific responsibilities in supervision and delivery of curriculum and instructional services and professional development. The Assistant Superintendent coordinates on-site and district-wide professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators in Common Core and Inquiry Teams. Mentoring and support through observation and evaluation is also provided to leaders in implementation of APPR process. The Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services meets regularly with Central Office staff to review the implementation of the professional development plan and to revise as necessary.

    Human Resources Director/Manager


    Ana Reluzco
    Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources
    (845) 627-4712

    A shared Human Resources Director/Manager is available to oversee the human resources function of participating districts and to supervise local support personnel in the operation of a human resources office. The human resources administrator can assist with recruiting, screening and hiring new staff; participate in collective bargaining negotiations with unions; administer collective bargaining agreements; monitor personnel policies; coordinate the district’s evaluation process. The administrator can also serve as the district’s Title IX officer; prepare the personnel portion of the Board of Education agenda; attend district board meetings; prepare job descriptions; prepare information for salary studies and statistical reports; coordinate activities with the local Civil Service Commission; organize employee training programs; and advise employees on benefits programs.

    Director of Transportation


    David Gleason
    Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations
    (845) 627-4721

    The Director of Transportation is responsible for the administration and planning of the bus transportation system for each participating school district. The Director can plan, assign and review the work of others and prepare required State and Board reports in order to efficiently and effectively oversee participating school districts’ transportation systems.

    Board Meeting Management Service (Powered by BoardDocs)


    David Gleason
    Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations
    (845) 627-4721

    BoardDocs is a cloud-based service that enables districts to upload, display, distribute and house board of education business documents. Meeting agendas, minutes, policies and any other supporting documents can be accessed and viewed online anytime, wherever there is an Internet connection. Districts are able to hold virtually paperless meetings with preparation time and effort greatly reduced. Information can be made public or kept confidential, accessible only to users with sufficient privileges. The service allows for archiving items and metasearch capabilities for anything stored by BoardDocs’ secure server. With BoardDocs Pro, board members can use an online voting feature, distribute confidential newsletters, and use other library features. BoardDocs LT is an economical solution for districts working to stay within a budget.