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School Districts

Rockland BOCES serves the eight public school districts in Rockland County as well as several districts in surrounding counties by providing high quality educational programs for students with special needs, career and technical training programs and instructional services for educators seeking to upgrade their professional skills.

Rockland BOCES is responsive and connected. It meets emerging educational needs quickly and efficiently and has built a robust network of active partnerships with local community and government agencies, small businesses and trade unions who share its commitment to helping all learners realize their dreams.

A complete description of our programs and services is listed in our Services Guide, which is published annually and can be viewed here. (PDF)

Rockland BOCES programs are now open to out-of-state students and educators. Click here for more information.

Rockland County’s Public School Districts:

The county’s public school districts consistently rank among the highest performing districts in the state and serve just over 40,000 students. The eight districts are:

2017-18 Component District Directory