Image of employees at recognition breakfast.Rockland BOCES held its annual Employee Recognition Reception on Wednesday, May 24 at the BOCES Conference Center in West Nyack. Nearly 100 people gathered for the event to recognize employees for achievement of tenure and retirements.

Rockland BOCES Chief Operating Officer Dr. Mary Jean Marsico and District Superintendent Dr. Charlene Jordan offered opening remarks for the event. Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Ana Reluzco served as Master of Ceremonies. Board of Education President Sandi Jeanette welcomed those in attendance and introduced her fellow board members who were present including Vice President Peggy Zugibe, Wendy Adolff, Thomas DePrisco, Deborah P. Gatti, Michael Mark and Rosemary Pitruzzella.

Image of tenure recipients at recognition breakfast.Honored retirees included: George Anfinsen, Jack Eber, Lori Herman, Debra Karniol, Janice McCadden, Edward Palazzo, Marsha Polakoff, Joan Raynor and Eunice Rivera.

Tenure recipients included: Allyson Abrams, Ann Marie Ahle, Veena Baranwal, Carol Blau, Katherine Boydston, Jeanette Carlucci, Kristina Crapanzano, Luis Diaz, Mark Granata-Frontino, Nancy Hingle, Jessica Horton, Eric Kurz, Julie Larsen, Danielle Leibert, Justine Liberati, Cristina Maguire, Michelle Mazzella, Morgan Munroe, Rori OíReilly, Ann Prokop, Samantha Ripps-Palacios, Alison Rutigliano, Regina Spilotras, Lindsay Thomas, Francine Verzi, Natasha Walkowicz-Shea, Jennifer Woolley and Sherli Youhaneh.