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Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center provides a comfortable and welcoming place within the BOCES school community for families to come together for fellowship, support and fun.

The FRC partners with parents/guardians to attend school-based meetings to help foster positive relationships between school and home.

The center and its programs are available to all families in any BOCES program.

Programs and services

Academic, social and enrichment activities

  • Family Fun Day
  • Family Fun Nights
  • Parent/Guardian/Student Breakfast
  • Saturday Academy
  • Scholastic Book Fair
  • School Assemblies

Information and referrals to community agencies and supports

  • Case management services
  • Child care resources
  • Department of Social Services
  • MHA of Rockland County (Network/parent partners)
  • Local food banks


  • Eat Smart
  • Manage Your Food Dollars
  • Promoting Literacy at Home

Community partners

The FRC partners with the Mental Health Association of Westchester County to provide a full range of psychotherapy services. Call (914) 345-0700, ext. 7350.

The center is also a partner with Mental Health Association of Rockland County and Rockland 21st Century Collaborative for Children and Youth.

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Family Resource Center

Leibnitz Ledesma
Coordinator, Hilltop School
(845) 942-7558

Yahaira Chisolm
Coordinator, Riverview High School
(845) 348-3504

Edelis Travieso
Coordinator, Mountainside High School
​​​​​​​(845) 770-5008

Alyssa Rivera-Findley
Coordinator, Jesse J. Kaplan School
​​​​​​​(845) 624-5587

Lizzette Ruiz
Coordinator, CTEC Main Office
​​​​​​​(845) 627-4770