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Business and Education Partners

Our Business Partners

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Our Education Partners

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PTECH logoP-TECH is working to develop the high-skilled, well-educated workforce our region needs to support long-term economic growth.

 How P-TECH works:
  • P-TECH is a six-year, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) program, which begins in Grade 9
    and offers a rigorous academic curriculum, targeted technical training and comprehensive workplace learning

  • P-TECH features an intimate and dynamic, project based learning environment

  • Students earn their high school diploma and an Associate degree at no cost to their families

  • Students work with local business partners through mentorships, internships and apprenticeships to acquire
    the skills they need to maximize their employability

Business and higher education partners are an integral part of P-TECH.

The important work our partners do includes:

  • Identify mentors to meaningfully engage with students to support goal-setting and achievement
  • Provide speakers and host workplaces visits, internships and apprenticeships
  • Pledge to place students who successfully completes the program first in line for an interview or entry-level job
  • Assist in developing technical and workplace skills maps for key industries/sectors
  • Collaborate with P-TECH faculty and higher education partners to align these maps with curriculum, course offerings and other resources
Interested in learning more about partnership opportunities? Contact us.

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