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For School Counselors

Rockland BOCES Hudson Valley P-TECH offers an innovative approach to school design and community partnerships that will increase graduation rates, prepare students with post-secondary credentials necessary for 21st century careers and offer a qualified talented pipeline for local employers.


New York State Pathways in Technology Early College High School (NYS P-TECH) is a public-private partnership that prepares students for high-skills jobs of the future in technology, manufacturing, healthcare and engineering.

This integrated six-year program, combines high school, college and career training with individual pathways for students at every academic level. Students have the opportunity to graduate with an Associate degree (A.S.) or an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree at no cost and will be first in line for jobs with participating businesses.

Our program provides a rigorous academic curriculum, targeted technical training, comprehensive workplace learning and individualized support services and career pathways in Rockland County.




  • Nearly 30 percent of Americans with an associate degree now earn more than those with bachelor’s degrees (Georgetown University’s Center on Education and Workforce).
  • A two-year community college degree, at present full rates, costs about $6,262, according to the College Board. A bachelor’s degree from a four-year, private residential university goes for $158,072.
  • The Georgetown Center estimates that 29 million jobs paying middle class wages today require only an associate, and not a bachelor’s, degree.
  •  What makes the P-TECH model so benefi cial is that not only are graduates armed with skills to succeed, they pay nothing for the A.S. and A.A.S. degrees.
  • The A.S. and A.A.S. allow students to continue into a four-year bachelor’s program.


  • All applications must be submitted by students/parents through students’ current school guidance departments.
  • Guidance counselors must submit the applications to Hudson Valley P-TECH.
  • Admissions criteria include student interest in a STEM career.
  • Students will be notifi ed in April through their guidance department of the time and place for an interview with a subcommittee of the P-TECH Steering Committee.
  • Student acceptance and wait list notifi cations will be mailed directly to students.
  • Registration packets will be mailed to students upon Hudson Valley P-Tech receipt of Student Acceptance letter.
Hudson Valley P-TECH

561 Route 9W
Piermont, NY 10968
(845) 580-1474

Daniel Kaplan

Christina Contento
Assistant Principal


  • The component district receives all funding associated with students beyond tuition for an additional two years while students complete diploma/ Associate’s degree requirements
  • Tuition paid by districts (including extended year and summer program) is eligible for BOCES Aid
  • Districts benefit from the two-point CCCR index (ESSA) associated with students completing P-TECH
  • College tuition is included
PTECH Students Graduating