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Supply List 2018-19

Personal Supplies (to be carried by students)
2” three ring binder
1” three ring binder (1 each for English, Science and SS to be stored in the classroom)
Pack of divider tabs
College ruled loose-leaf paper
8 pocket folders (2 per class)
1 spiral notebook
5 pack of assorted color highlighters
Pencils and pens
1 foot ruler (Math)

Community Supplies (to be shared by all classrooms and dropped off in the main office or guidance)
Red, blue, and black pens
#2 pencils
Box of assorted colored pencils
Post-it notes 3” by 3”
100 pack of multi-color ruled index cards 3”x 5”
1 pack of multi-color construction paper
1 box of Kleenex
Hand sanitizer
**Optional:  If parents wish to donate additional items for hands on activities, we are always accepting:
Art supplies, multi-color duct tape, clay, play-doh, legos (new or used), building supplies, tools, garden supplies, paper towels​