MOVER of the month using equipmentThe Rockland BOCES Jesse J. Kaplan School is proud to recognize Jaden as “MOVER of the Month!” Jaden is able to pull himself to an independent standing position for up to ten minutes! He spends time each day in his walker moving through the halls, sits in a chair with support for short periods and can pull himself to a kneeling position by holding on. Jaden has gained more independence through an innovative teaching program called MOVE – Mobility Opportunities via Education.

Our MOVE program combines therapy and education to teach children with physical disabilities and complex needs the functional skills of sitting, standing and walking. MOVE aims to give children an opportunity to lead more independent, and therefore more fulfilling lives. For some, this might be learning to hold their own cup; for others it might be learning to walk independently and having the opportunity to explore their environment.

Contact Rockland BOCES’  Jesse J. Kaplan School at (845) 627-4797 to learn how MOVE can help someone in your life. Every child deserves the chance to MOVE!