Krupa smiles for the cameraIt is with great pleasure that we highlight Krupa Kizhakkencheril as the Jesse J. Kaplan School December “MOVER™ of the Month!”

Krupa has been working hard throughout the school day and is on the MOVE™! She walks throughout the classroom and the hallways with minimal staff assistance (holding one hand). She enjoys being helpful and is a willing participant to “run errands” for the classroom. Whether it be assisting her peers to the nurses’ office for their feedings, delivering small items to neighboring classrooms, or checking the mailbox – Krupa will rise to the occasion! Krupa is active during gym as she walks and transitions from one activity to the next. She uses the stander several times a week and continues to work on her endurance. Great work Krupa!

Kaplan’s MOVE™ (Mobility Opportunities via Education) program combines therapy and education to teach children with physical disabilities and complex needs the functional skills of sitting, standing and walking. MOVE™ aims to give children an opportunity to lead more independent, and therefore more fulfilling lives. For some, this might be learning to hold their own cup; for others it might be learning to walk independently and having the opportunity to explore their environment.

Contact Rockland BOCES’ Jesse J. Kaplan School at (845) 627-4797 to learn how MOVE™ can help someone in your life. Every child deserves the chance to MOVE™!

Krupa dances with her aide.   Krupa walks a classmate down the hall