PTECH GraduatesA historic moment at Rockland BOCES! Four years after its initial launch, Hudson Valley P-TECH has recognized its first group of students completing the successful STEM program.

Eight students representing five Rockland County school districts have completed their high school requirements and are poised to earn their associate degrees from Rockland Community College by 2020.

“Our small but mighty group of students – and their families – took a chance on a new approach to secondary education four years ago,” said Rockland BOCES District Superintendent Dr. Charlene Jordan. “Today, these trailblazers remind us that hard work, creative thinking, perseverance and a love of learning lead to success, both academically and personally. Their classroom and workplace experiences during the past four years have played a major role in strengthening the Hudson Valley P-TECH program for all those students coming behind them.”

Through the four to six-year program, P-TECH students earn one of three different associate degrees at no cost to their families and are considered for jobs with participating companies upon graduation.

Hudson Valley P-TECH includes college-level, credit-bearing coursework from freshman year and allows students to choose their own “pathways” to middle-level skilled jobs, including Computer Information Technology, Engineering and Green Building Technology and Management.

Said Dr. Jordan, “The completion rates for students who start community college and obtain an associate’s degree in two years are less than 20% statewide. But, this group of students will receive their degree in two years or less. Over the next several years, close to 100 Hudson Valley P-TECH students will achieve the same. These degrees feed directly into the college data, making P-TECH a true symbiotic partnership for Rockland BOCES and Rockland Community College.

Dr. Jordan noted that several of the students in P-TECH’s inaugural class are on track to earn their associate degrees by June 2019 to finish the program in five years.

The students who are completing the Rockland BOCES Hudson Valley P-TECH program this spring are as follows:

Jaydon Estevez (North Rockland)
Kelly Gutierrez (East Ramapo)
Chris Harris (Nyack)
James Holtzman (Suffern)
Anthony Pichardo (North Rockland)
Jeremy Soto (Suffern)
Austin Vazquez (South Orangetown)
Richardson Vil (East Ramapo)