Students at our Rockland BOCES Hilltop School are the focus of a new, school-wide campaign aimed at promoting independent reading!

Based on the national library campaign featuring celebrities and their favorite books, Hilltop students who complete a book independently are spotlighted as the subject of a “Hilltop Reads” poster, which is displayed in the school’s public areas.

“We want our students to see themselves as successful readers and be inspired by their classmates,” said Dr. Sarah Chauncey, Rockland BOCES Director of Instructional Technology & Curriculum Development. “After the final chapter is read, students are photographed with the book and favorite object, like a football or video game. Posters are then created for school display, with another sent home in celebration of their reading success.”

In addition to the “Hilltop Reads” campaign, school administrators recently launched an “I Want a Book” program. This effort allows the purchase of specific book titles for students through donations or other funds. Hilltop teachers are also helping every student secure a library card.

Hilltop students not only enjoy reading the books but are comprehending and discussing the theme, plot and character development.

Chauncey says Hilltop is accepting donations of age-appropriate, gently used or new books and gift cards from Barnes & Noble.