Rockland BOCES District Superintendent Search

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The Job

The Rockland Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) is seeking applicants for the position of District Superintendent. As District Superintendent, the successful candidate will serve as the local representative of the state Commissioner of Education by assisting local school districts in the implementation of the New York State Education Law and the interpretation of the Commissioner’s Regulations and rules of the Board of Regents.

Unique to Rockland BOCES, a collaborative leadership model allows the District Superintendent and the Chief Operating Officer to work jointly in assuring that programs and services provided by the BOCES agency are of outstanding quality and meet student, as well as school district, needs. Additionally, the District Superintendent assists component school districts in the recruitment and selection of School Superintendents, as needed.

The District Superintendent is accountable to the nine-member Rockland BOCES Board of Education. Compensation, salary and benefits for this position shall be determined by the Board on the basis of experience, training and other leadership positions, but limited by the provision of the New York State Education Law, which has set specific salary and benefit limits.

The Salary

The annual salary of the BOCES District Superintendent is received from two sources – the New York State Education Department (NYSED) and Rockland BOCES. Compensation will be determined by the Board of Education on the basis of experience in compliance with state law which has set a salary cap and benefit limits.

Benefits are those of management/confidential employees of the New York State Education Department. The length of the contract will be three years. Residency within the Lower Hudson Valley Region is required. As specified in New York State Education Law, District Superintendents of Schools are appointed by the Board of Cooperative Education Services, with the approval of the Commissioner of Education. Continuing service of the District Superintendents is governed by New York State Education Law.

The Characteristics & Desired Attributes

Leadership: The ability to lead people, an organization and the region: a collaborative leadership style characterized by consensus-building and active listening to objectively evaluate suggestions from all constituents within the supervisory district and by the ability to articulate a compelling vision of the goals of the agency. Personal investment in the community is essential for an accurate understanding of needs and community dynamics.

Board and Component School Districts: The ability to synthesize ideas and advise boards of education and superintendents with diverse needs and interests on issues of law, regulations, policy, educational programs and related school district issues; further, to be a resource and lead the region to educational excellence.

Communication: The successful candidate must demonstrate excellent verbal/written communication skills in interactions with students, community leaders, businesses, BOCES staff/faculty, component superintendents, leadership teams, state/regional education leaders, policy makers and local stakeholders.

Management: The ability to lead, manage and direct with vision a multi-faceted educational service agency that responds to regional needs.

Fiscal: The ability to be practical and creative fiscally, developing short-and long-term financial strategies and procedures designed to make the best use of federal, state and local resources to fully serve the needs of youth and adult learners and component districts.

Personnel: The ability to develop, implement and supervise effective personnel policies, particularly with regard to hiring, professional growth and staff evaluation including the latest instructional standards.

Human Resources: The ability to respect the needs as well as recognize the contributions of all the individuals who serve or are served by the BOCES and set standards of integrity, excellence and ethics for all personnel.

Creativity: The ability to demonstrate ingenuity and imagination in the problem-solving process.

Transparency: The ability to present the mission, goals and successes of the organization in a credible, open and unedited manner, which promotes collaboration and creates confidence in the BOCES within the community and component districts.

About Rockland BOCES

For more than 60 years, Rockland BOCES has delivered educational programs for students with special needs, teens interested in career and technical training, adult learners preparing for new job opportunities and educators seeking to upgrade their professional skills. Our mission is to provide high-quality shared educational, administrative and technical services that enable local school districts to develop the capacity in their students to achieve higher standards of performance.

Rockland BOCES is one of 37 Boards of Cooperative Educational Services throughout New York State which cover a combined total of 721 public school districts. Locally, Rockland BOCES serves eight component school districts with a county-wide public student population of approximately 38,000.

Rockland BOCES programs are rooted in research-based practices and embedded in a philosophy of collaboration. We are a regionally-recognized leader in providing innovative, high-quality programs to school districts. With five campuses and more than 30 district-based classrooms across Rockland County, Rockland BOCES ensures that programs and services for students of all ages are close to home.

Rockland BOCES has built a robust network of active partnerships with local community and government agencies, small businesses and trade unions which share our commitment to helping all learners realize their dreams. We strive to meet emerging educational needs quickly and efficiently.


Apply by: October 31, 2022
Interviews: Fall 2022
Anticipated Start: January 2023

Qualified candidates should submit the following materials:
■ Letter of Interest
■ Current Resumé
■ Completed Application
■ College/University Transcripts
■ Three Letters of Reference
■ Administrative Certification(s)

Print materials should be sent to:
James M. Ryan, Ed.D., Search Consultant
c/o Dr. Amy Albers
Chief Operating Officer
Rockland BOCES
65 Parrott Road, Building 7
West Nyack, NY 10994
Electronic submissions should be sent to:
Dr. Amy Albers
Subject line: Rockland BOCES District Superintendent Search


Rockland BOCES will be assisted in the selection process by PNW BOCES District Superintendent/Chief Executive Officer James M. Ryan, Ed.D. Applicants are not to contact any member of the Rockland BOCES Board of Education or the State Education Department.

The Rockland BOCES Board of Education will conduct final interviews in late 2022 and select a finalist/s to submit to the New York State Commissioner of Education. Finalists must interview and be approved by the Commissioner before the Rockland BOCES Board can make an appointment.