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Career Services Programs

Career Services Programs provide students with special needs in grades 9-12 with career training for a variety of workplace opportunities. These programs offer individualized instruction and support to help develop the skills necessary to obtain employment. Students create resumes, learn interview techniques and practice workplace decorum. The program is open to all students — with or without an IEP. Highly successful students can also be recommended for a CTE program.

Automotive Services

Students learn the basics of automotive maintenance and care including oil change, tire rotation and brake services. Students also learn to effectively use hand and power tools, as well as troubleshoot using diagnostic equipment. Internships at local automotive dealerships and repair facilities are available and can lead to paid employment. Students can earn Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certificates.

Building & Landscaping Services

Students learn the basics of building and ground maintenance, including carpentry, electricity, plumbing and landscaping. Students also learn to safely and effectively use power and hand tools related to the field while working on real-world projects in our shops and on our campus.

Business Services

Students learn a wide variety of business-related skills, including entrepreneurship through this program, which is offered at the Nanuet Outdoor Education Center. The facility includes a full kitchen, garden, horse barn and greenhouse, allowing for a variety of opportunities for hands-on, project-based learning.

Career Awareness

Students learn about the many career opportunities available to them through hands-on activities, group projects, guest speakers and job and internship placements. Students develop their understanding of careers, as classified by the 16 career clusters identified by the National Association of State Directors of Career and Technical Education Consortium, through practical, hands-on work in the classroom, as well as outside of the classroom with our community partners. The goals of this program are to assist students in: making informed decisions about career and educational choices; developing a positive self-image as a worker; and learning the intrinsic value of being successful on the job. Upon completion, successful students are transitioned into either another CSP program or a CTE program to gain more specific career training and experience.

Hospitality Services

First-year students learn the basics of food handling and cooking through the preparation of salads, soups, main courses and desserts. As a team, students operate a short-order grill and prepare daily food items available to BOCES students.

Second-year students expand their skills into other areas of the hospitality industry, including front desk, reservations, housekeeping and bell services, and can earn industry certifications in these areas through the American Hotel and Lodging Institute. Students participate in internships at local restaurants, supermarkets and hotels, which may lead to paid employment.

Retail Services

Through curriculum offered from the National Retail Federation, students learn basic retailing and customer service skills to prepare for entry-level employment in a retail environment. Students participate in projects such as development and operation of the CTEC School Store, as well as internships, to gain real world experience in the field.