On March 1, state lawmakers in Albany heard first-hand about the power of Rockland BOCES, with students sharing personal success stories about how our programs uniquely serve their needs. In meetings with Senator David Carlucci and Assemblymembers Ken Zebrowski, Ellen Jaffee and James Skoufis, students discussed their academic and personal achievements, showing the incredible strength of our Career and Technical Education (CTE) and P-TECH (STEM) programs. Our students were among dozens of BOCES teachers, administrators and students from across New York State who visited the state Capitol to make the case for more funding and other legislative action so that programs can be enhanced and expanded.

Our Rockland BOCES advocacy team also urged representatives to support legislation that would help BOCES remain economically viable, and even expand offerings, including bills that would:

  • raise the cap on the maximum amount of a BOCES CTE employee’s salary that qualifies for state aid. The $30,000 level has not been updated since 1990, meaning that the rest of the salary must be covered by cash-strapped school districts. Raising the aidable salary amount would encourage districts to use BOCES.
  • fully exclude all BOCES services and capital expenses from the tax cap
  • allow BOCES to establish reserve funds to cover long-term costs
  • give BOCES the same level of financial support as component school districts for school safety expenses