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CABAS Students Get Creative with Crayola

CABAS Students Get Creative with Crayola

Think back to when you were a kid. Was there anything better than getting a fresh box of crayons? Now take that feeling and multiply it by 100. That was the scene at Tappan Zee Elementary on Monday, July 24, when our Rockland BOCES CABAS students received donated Crayola Care Packages, courtesy of Staples.

The donation of art supplies was facilitated by Rockland BOCES Director of Student Services Dr. Christine Ditrano, CTEC Executive Director Kim Bell and Staples’ Matt Gordon, who is also an alumnus of our CTEC Graphic Design program. Earlier this year, Gordon got word of the donation initiative and presented the idea to Ditrano and Bell. Come March, a BOCES van was pulling up to the Staples in Park Ridge, New Jersey to collect the boxes. 

Both Bell and Gordon were on hand this morning to distribute the packages and were joined by Rockland BOCES Chief Operating Officer and Deputy District Superintendent Amy Albers, Student Services Principal Stephanie Marzan and Assistant Principal Katie Honig. But not before several of our CABAS students presented Gordon and Staples General Manager Mecca Mastropoalo with hand crafted thank you cards.

After that it was time for the fun part! Art! Creativity was on full display as students colored and drew pictures on paper lined tables spread throughout the gym. There were even a few additional thank you notes to Staples and Bell spotted on the tables.

And it is time for one more - thank you to Staples, Crayola and the entire team at Rockland BOCES who made the event possible.