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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Rockland BOCES Equity Statement 

Rockland BOCES embraces diversity and recognizes our responsibility to foster an open, welcoming environment in which students and employees of all backgrounds can collaboratively learn, work and serve. We value the academic, social and broader community that evolves from a diverse campus and are committed to equity, inclusion and accountability. Diversity enriches our agency and is instrumental to our success. We will work together to address barriers to success and promote a culture of inclusivity, compassion and mutual respect as we prepare learners to thrive in a global and ever-changing society.

Our Commitment

Rockland BOCES is committed to ensuring that all students and employees have access to equal opportunities within a safe, inclusive, welcoming and accepting environment. In order to achieve this goal, we support a culture of learning about the experiences and perspectives of those who are different from ourselves. Additionally, we are committed to applying our learning in order to grow our capacity to make certain that every student and staff member is able to reach their highest potential.

As a collective body, the 37 BOCES that partner with and support New York State school districts are committed to embracing diversity and promoting equitable and inclusive practices in our schools. As educational leaders, we are dedicated to identifying and eliminating actions and policies that promote cultural biases, as well as the exclusion of any group or class. This includes practices that promote institutional racism and create barriers that affect student learning outcomes.