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About Rockland BOCES

In 1948, the New York State Legislature created Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) to provide cost-effective, shared educational programs and services to school districts. Established in 1961, Rockland BOCES is one of the 37 BOCES throughout New York supporting more than 700 public school districts from the tip of Long Island to upstate Buffalo.

Each day, Rockland BOCES delivers educational programs for students with exceptional needs, teens interested in career and technical training and educators seeking to upgrade professional skills. We also strive to enhance the lives of Rockland County residents by providing adult education offerings, including High School Equivalency (GED®), continuing education and enrichment classes and adult literacy services.

BOCES services are created when two or more school districts have similar needs that can be met by sharing staff members, classroom space, office space, equipment, time or expertise. School districts receive BOCES aid from New York State to encourage resource sharing and to obtain economies of scale. BOCES cannot levy taxes. All funding comes from services delivered to school districts or grant awards. Component school districts share in the administrative and capital costs of BOCES.

Like public school districts, Rockland BOCES is governed by a policy-making Board of Education. Our nine-member Board serves three-year terms and are elected by component school district boards through a special vote held each April.

The Rockland BOCES Supervisory District includes the eight component school districts in Rockland County with a public school population of approximately 39,000 students. Additionally, New York State legislation allows out-of-state school districts access to Rockland BOCES programs and services. 

As a regionally-recognized leader in providing high-quality programs to school districts, Rockland BOCES is connected. Our agency is the hub of a robust network of active partnerships with local community and government agencies, small businesses and trade unions that share our commitment to helping all learners achieve success. 

As a collective body, the 37 BOCES that partner with and support New York State school districts are committed to embracing diversity and promoting equitable and inclusive practices in our schools. As educational leaders, we are dedicated to identifying and eliminating actions and policies that promote cultural biases, as well as the exclusion of any group or class. This includes practices that promote institutional racism and create barriers that affect student learning outcomes.

Rockland BOCES is Rooted in the Community! Hear our student success stories.